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Dear valued patients and customers,

In accordance with the CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated patients, visitors, and personnel are no longer required to wear masks. The public health order requires patients, visitors, and personnel in emergency medical and other health care settings in Colorado who are 12 years and older to wear a mask over their noses and mouths if unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are encouraged to continue wearing masks in all public indoor spaces.

If you're into any of the shooting sports, this place is for you. I shoot national level archery and also have an astigmatism. My previously prescription glasses were getting old and I was starting to explore the daunting thought of buying pricey sports glasses from Pilla to provide more UV protection and color lenses that would help with focus. I'm so glad I found Dr. Jeff Marlatt and the Parkridge team! My eye exam/checkup was fast and easy. I was able to come back in for a second consultation to try on literally dozens of styles of frames with my bow in hand, in order to find the one that works well for my sport. And I was able to test out different lens colors to see what would work in the most varied weather circumstances. The office is full of friendly and helpful staff, and they have a great selection of frames.I ended up getting exactly the perfect set of frames and lenses with an improved prescription, and my great scores from the last few tournaments prove it was a good choice. Thanks!

- Leslie C.