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Keratoconus Treatment

Poor vision that cannot be corrected fully with eye glasses or regular contact lenses may indicate a condition known as conical cornea or Keratoconus. A rare condition, Keratoconus primarily affects people in their early 20’s.

If you have mild to moderate Keratoconus in Lone Tree, CO, the best treatment is rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which provide a smooth surface in front of the cornea, making clear vision possible.

Keratoconus can sometimes result from Lasik or RK corrective surgeries. This is refered to as post-Lasik or post-RK ectasia.

As Keratoconus progresses, contact lenses may no longer be a successful treatment. Instead, the cornea may need to be replaced surgically through a Corneal Transplant. The prognosis for corneal replacement surgery is generally very good. If this should become necessary Dr. Jeff Marlatt and Dr. Michelle Sancho of ParkRidge Vision in Lone Tree (Denver, CO) will refer you to one of our local corneal specialists for the surgery, and provide post surgical care. This assures that your vision care needs will be handled exclusively by Optometrists who know your eyes and your vision history. To read more about Corneal Transplants, visit our eye library.